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Second doses
Appointments for second doses will be offered from the end of March / start of April. Please ensure you remind people at all opportunities the importance of attending for the second dose, as this will further boost their immune system response and offer them a longer period of protection against COVID-19.
Patients who are unable to attend a community vaccine site and have not yet had a home visit are now being asked to contact the telephone booking centre on 0800 953 0116, where we will review whether it is possible for someone to visit their home and give them their vaccine there.


The NHS COVID-19 App is the simplest way to help protect those we love from coronavirus. It achieves this through six core functions:

• Alert: When users first download the app they will be asked to input the first half of their postcode. This allows them to see the level of risk associated with their area, to help them decide how to manage their interactions
• Symptom checker: If people feel unwell they can use the symptom checker to see if symptoms could be related to coronavirus
• Test: If, based on information from the symptom checker, it appears a user may have coronavirus, they will be taken to a website where they could book a test
• Trace: The app uses low level Bluetooth technology to keep a log of how long users are at close proximity to each other (which is measured based on the strength of the signal). If a person who presented symptoms comes back with a positive test – the app will ask their permission to notify other phones who have been identified as being at close proximity to theirs. Those users will then receive an annonymised exposure alert with advice on what to do next
o Note: The app does not have access to phone contacts or any other personal information held on users’ phones. This includes names. contacts, email addresses or phone numbers
• Check-in: The app allows you to record when you visit a venue by “checking-in” when you arrive, using the venue’s QR code which should be displayed at the enterance
• Isolate: If a user tests positive, they will be given advice on next steps and guidance on self-isolation timelines

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